Interactive and Digital Stand – FIT

For our client Patagonia Tourism, we developed several experiential marketing solutions for its stand in FIT Fair 2015, the biggest tourism fair in Latin America.

Jeep racing and skills game with Kinect technology that went through the Fin del Mundo roads (literally the End of the World roads). People would use their hands to manoeuvre the jeep and catch icons that retrieved points and rewards.

AR game for iPads where visitors could explore the Fauna and Flora of the La Pampa province.

Rowing game for Rio Negro province. Visitors will use a paddle as fast as they can to compete with each other. There were two persons at the same time enjoying this game.

Fishing Game for Neuquén, where people would use their hands to move the bait around and catch fishes on a screen. Then there was information regarding the fish people caught.

Step/Racing game for the region of Santa Cruz. Visitors would compete with each other, side by side, to see who can run fast on a carpet equipped with sensors. There were several finishing lines where people could see the scenery and know more about that part of the world.

Photos in all the solutions so visitors could share their experience on social networks.

Carrera Step (1)
Carrera Step (2)
Carreras (1)
Carreras (2)
Descubrimiento (1)
Descubrimiento (2)
Kayaks (1)
Kayaks (2)
Pesca (1)
Pesca (2)
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